CARIAN has significant Department of Transportation (DOT), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and State Highway Agencies (SHAs) capital planning and delivery advisory experience.

Dr. Ali Nejat, a CARIAN advisor, has worked with Texas DOT (TxDOT) to analyze methods to improve cost, schedule, and performance of capital projects. His work includes developing a framework to select a suitable project delivery method based on performance and project specifications, quantifying value of performance-based warranty contracts for toll road projects and organizational assessments for project staffing. He has also developed project development and cost estimating procedures for the TxDOT.

Dr. Amir Hessami, a CARIAN advisor, has worked on several TxDOT and National Cooperative and Highway Research Program (NCHRP) projects, contributing to construction management practices related to CM at Risk, establishing scope, creating cost estimates, and assessing risks on planned construction projects. He also developed an Asset Management framework that incorporates risk considerations into decision-analysis at the planning level for transportation projects.