Our Capital Program Delivery advisor, Mr. Mysore Nagaraja was President of Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Construction (MTACC) in New York City, Mysore was fully accountable for initiating and executing five separate expansion mega-projects and a system-wide Security Program for the New York City MTA totaling approximately $26.7 billion. Projects included Second Avenue Subway, East Side Access to Long Island Railroad, Flushing Line Extension to West Side, two Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Projects, and a System-wide Security Program.

Prior to that, Mysore was Senior Vice President/Chief Engineer of MTA’s New York City Transit (NYCT), where he was fully accountable for the planning, budgeting, design, and construction of the capital program with annual capital commitments valued at $2 to $2.5 billion, representing 75 to 150 major multi-discipline projects annually including: 100+ station rehabilitations; signal system modernizations; fiber optic communication network; train locator system; bus/railcar maintenance shops, depots and yards; tunnel and structural rehabilitations; new connections; and replacement and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

Mysore and the CARIAN team can leverage this expertise to provide end-to-end capital asset delivery advisory and consulting services.