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The ROI of Project Controls

Project controls is the process that utilizes available data, guidelines, and software to monitor project progress during a project’s duration. It ties together project management, estimating change control, risk management, forecasting, and earned value. The objective of putting project controls in place is to produce reports that readily and clearly identify the status of a

Strategic and Intelligent Decision Making with Analytics and BI

Intelligent Decision Making with Analytics Strategic business decisions such as supply chain problems, resource allocations, assignments, capacity, and budgeting require a level of precision and analysis. They need to be set up before the decision cycle arrives to accommodate intelligent decisions which support the unit’s goals, while including real-world effects like uncertainty, effect of other

What Is Green Energy?

Green energy is all the rage right now, but what is it, exactly?  In this article, we find out. Read on to learn more.  Green Energy: A Definition Green energy is any form of energy production generated from renewable resources. Solar panels, wind farms, and hydroelectric dams are all examples of green energy.  By contrast,

How Have Supply Chains Been Impacted by Shipping Delays?

If there is one thing in the headlines this year, it’s the impact on supply chains that the shipping delays are having. Shoppers will be experiencing something brand new this year, in that the gifts being ordered from overseas are being delayed due to the pandemic. There are whole sectors of goods that are difficult

Project Controls: The Ins and Outs of Scheduling Services

For a large project to be successfully completed on time and under budget, a number of things have to go right: estimates for cost and duration must be accurate, the anticipated quality must be achieved, and no unexpected delays can occur. To keep projects on time and target, many organizations employ the invaluable services of

How Project Cost Control Helps Projects Succeed

To achieve any goal, we execute a specific plan to achieve its completion. In a project, we control every aspect as part of that plan, and cost control is one of the key performance indicators on the path to success. Factors contributing to controlling costs include processes in planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, and cost

Risk Management – Stability in Volatility

  Historically, Risk Management has been shadowed under compelling deliverables like cost, schedule, and quality. Thus far, it was considered to be a bottom line approach. There has been an unsatisfactory record of predicting a few extreme events and neglecting other possibilities. Using hindsight as foresight was a norm, but now it is no more

Project Deliverables: An Overview

If you’re working on large-scale development plans, you’ve probably heard of “deliverables.” But, while people in offices use the term every day, a capital project management consultant focuses more on entire processes because they’re critical to completing key transactions. In project management, a deliverable is anything produced or provided at the end of a process. It

Improving Capital Project Performance

When working on capital projects, such as building bridges, highways, government buildings, and so on, your workers’ performance needs to be top notch. Improving worker performance on capital projects will help your business thrive in an extremely competitive field. A management consulting firm offers many services that can help you improve worker efficiency on capital